On the 12th Anniversary of Sanctions, Chicagoans Pledge to oppose War on Iraq, CHICAGO – Tuesday, August 6th is the 12th Anniversary of US/UN imposed sanctions on Iraq. For twelve years, the Iraqi people have suffered under these punitive and cruel measures, while Saddam Hussien remains untouched.
As the Bush administration gathers momentum in its move toward war with Iraq, concerned citizens are gathering signatures on the “Iraq Peace Pledge.” At eleven locations in the city and suburbs, teams of peace activists from the Chicago Peace Response, The American Friends Service Committee and Voices in the Wilderness, will be raising awareness and gathering signatures, on Tuesday August 6th and Saturday August 10th.

Bush and His Handlers Have Failed to Make a Case for Iraq War
by Rick Mercier, August 10, 2002, Free Lance-Star (Fredericksburg, Virginia)

The American Friends Service Committee and other U.S. Peace and Human Rights Groups Call On Communities To Organize “Peace Events” the Week of Sept. 11, Peace and healing will be themes of events to commemorate the first anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks.

Pentagon Preparing to Mount Iraq Attack by Eric Rosenberg, Despite an intensifying debate over military action against Iraq, the U.S. military is moving troops, equipment and communications gear into the region in an indication that President Bush may order an attack within months to drive Saddam Hussein from power. A ugust 5, 2002, San Francisco Chronicle

Double Warning Against Iraq War, by Roland Watson in Washington and Melissa Kite, AMERICA’S National Security Adviser during the Gulf War warned President Bush yesterday that invading Iraq would cause an “explosion” in the Middle East and consign the United States to defeat in its War on Terror. August 5, 2002, Times of London

“You don’t have license to attack someone else’s country just because you don’t like the leadership. We are supposed to be taking a lead on the moral issues of the world.” – Lord Bramall, former British Chief of Defense Staff –

Backing Bush All the Way, Up to but Not Into Iraq by Neil A. Lewis, Democrats and political independents interviewed were nearly unanimous in their opposition to an invasion, and most Republicans felt the same way. August 3, 2002, New York Times.

Iraq: Experts Who Can Give Alternative Testimony
As the Senate Foreign Relations Committee continues to hear testimony from the individuals it has selected, the following analysts are available for interviews:

  • PHYLLIS BENNIS, pbennis@compuserve.com, website
    Bennis is a fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies and co-editor of Beyond the Storm: A Gulf Crisis Reader. Her testimony was put in the Congressional Record on Wednesday; she was not asked to testify.
  • KATHY KELLY, kkelly@igc.org, Voices in the Wilderness
    Coordinator of Voices in the Wilderness, a group which has challenged the economic sanctions against Iraq, Kelly has been to that country over a dozen times, most recently in June. She will be in New York City after 1 p.m. on Thursday.
  • SCOTT RITTER, wsritter@aol.com, Views
    Ritter, who was a chief UN weapons inspector in Iraq, is the author of Endgame: Solving the Iraqi Problem Once and For All.
  • HANS VON SPONECK, von_sponeck@yahoo.com, Views / Article ,
    As a former UN Assistant Secretary General, Von Sponeck headed the UN “oil-for-food” program until he resigned two years ago in protest over the continued sanctions. He was in Iraq in July.

IRAQ URGENT ACTION The United States Senate Committee on Foreign Relations has announced the witnesses to participate in panels that will participate in hearings on Wednesday, July 31. Not one of the invited participants represents a vigorous call for negotiation and dialogue rather instead of war. Send Urgent Message Now

US Accused of Airstrike Cover-up, by Dumeetha Luthra in Kabul, AMERICAN forces may have breached human rights and then removed evidence after the so-called wedding party airstrike that killed more than 50 Afghan civilians this month, according to a draft United Nations report seen by The Times. A preliminary UN investigation has found no corroboration of American claims that its aircraft were fired on from the ground, and says there were discrepancies in US accounts of what happened. Times of London, July 29, 2002