Lasik surgeries are basically for eye defects, especially for the issues of Hyperopia, Myopia, and Astigmatism. Do you know what all these? Hyperopia is the medical term of farsightedness; Myopia means nearsightedness and the last one Astigmatism means correcting the cornea in the eyes.

For all these cases, the Laser Vision Corrections or Lasik surgeries are the best treatment and that has been practicing from 90’s time to the present scenario of the patients. Let us know about these three issues and how the Lasik treatment works on it. You can find more details on laser vision corrections on the site kraffeye.

Issues and Lasik surgeries:

  • The first defect on the eye is farsightedness (hyperopia) which causes the patients who could not see the things which are close to them. You know why? Because their shape of the eye will be shorter than the normal size. This leads the light would be focused ahead of the retina. So the surgeon will reshape the cornea and so with the help of Lasik, they will allow the light to focus on the eye’s accurate place.
  • The second defect is nearsightedness (myopia) which causes the difficulty of patients who couldn’t see the things which are far away from them. The reason is their eyes will be longer than the normal one, so the light will be passed through the cornea and so it will be focused on retina’s front side instead of on the retina. The Lasik will help them to reshape the steeped cornea so that every light will be passed on the correct angle of the retina.
  • The patients who have the above defects with them will be affected surely by Astigmatism. This defect causes the blurred vision due to the irregular shape of the cornea, so the Lasik helps to reshape it and everything will be cleared even in lights. As the above issues, this one too will be curable.