What Does Mandelin Reagent Testing Kit Includes?

Most of the people know that drug testing kits are designed only for testing the drugs directly or mixed up in food or beverages. Now what about inside the testing kit? In this article you will come to know about mandelin reagent testing kit and the things includes inside it.

If we talk about some basics then there are few things you need to go through like this kit is safe to use. There is no need of any prescription as you simply need to read out the instructions manual that’s it. it will be provided within the kit and also there will be some safety measures given too. You are curious to know more about Mandelin Reagent – WIM Scientific Laboratories, click here.

Things contains inside the kit

There are not much things but actually only few. Those will be going to help you in performing the test right at home without any issues at all. Here are those things for you-

  1. Certified bottle- The very first thing you will get to see is the certified bottle. In that bottle you will be going to find the solution that can be used for almost 200 times which is really huge. So it will be the right choice to make as you need to pay one for plenty of tests.
  2. Instructions- Now this is important as without instructions you might end up failing in conducting tests. You will learn how to handle it safely and also some ways to store it carefully.
  3. Reaction chart- As we know that the results are based on the colors so there will be reaction charts available too. You can compare the color at the end with the chart and by this you will come to know what the result is.
  4. Contact info= This is the final thing you will get which is the contact information. You can use that to contact the company itself.