There are a few types of flat roof systems that are available to homeowners. Get to know about them in this article.

BUR (Built-up Roofing)

Regularly utilized in business and modern applications, these flat roof systems contain layers of the waterproof film, for example, a treated fiberglass cellar, tar, and rock to seal the level rooftop surface. This flat rooftop system is as yet utilized in some private applications in light of its moderateness and imperviousness to fire. There are disadvantages: rock makes this rooftop weighty and can stop up drains; the fixing fluid is untidy and has a foul smell.

Rubber Roofs or Ethylene Polypropylene Diene Monomer (EPDM Roofs)

Well known in private applications. These flat roof systems contain one layer of elastic or an elastic kind material that is applied without heat. Adhesive metal ties or gravel are utilized to secure the elastic rooftop frameworks. On the good side: elastic is waterproof and is moderately simple to introduce. Downsides incorporate likely spillage at the creases or from item shrinkage.

Modified Bitumen System (MBS)

One of the quickest developing and most famous flat roof systems in business and private applications are modified bitumen systems (MBS). An MBS utilizes an exceptional blend of covered basemat layers to seal the rooftop as opposed to applying a hot fluid adhesive to uncoated basemat. MBS flat roof systems have a decreased establishment time when contrasted with BUR frameworks. An MBS rooftop can stretch out rooftop life for up to 30 complete years. Get more Interesting details about flat roof repair toronto on

Two types of MBS:

Torch-Down System (TDS) – It utilizes an exceptional blend of layers to burn seal the bituminous item layers with the assistance of uniquely planned substrates.

Self-Adhering System (SAS) – It is like a customary MBS. It utilizes covered bitumen basemat to give a waterproof seal on flat and low-slanting rooftops. This item is ideal when torch can’t be utilized. Extra yards or garage rooftops that cross with wood or vinyl siding are regular spots where you’ll see a SAS flat rooftop framework.