It’s no secret that the bff necklaces look extremely beautiful on the wearer. But that said, it is also important to know how as well as when to wear them. The last thing you want is to either make it look out of place when the whole reason for wearing it was to accentuate your beauty. Without further ado, here are a few things you ought to know about how to wear your bff necklace:

For casual wear

The thing about the bff necklace is that it can go well with just about any casual outfit. Here, you can feel free to get a tad creative. Whether you opt for a denim look or good old t-shirt and sweatpants, the bff necklace can always be a fine addition. Here, you can always carry out research on what casual wears go well with gold. Just make sure you aren’t wearing your necklace to the gym because, well, it won’t really be advisable let alone blend in with the occasion.

For formal events

The best thing about gold accessories is that they always make good additions to any official outfit. Just make sure you’ve done your homework on which colors blend in well with gold and you won’t get anything wrong. You can either have the pendant stick out or have it tucked in, depending on whatever floats your boat. More information about heart locket on chvker.


Besides knowing how and when you wear your beautiful BFF Gold filled Necklace, it is important to also know how to clean yours. Despite the fact that its built to last, knowing how to take good care of your necklace will make it last even longer. Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about learning how to go about it. Something as seemingly inconsequential as wiping it with a clean piece of cloth then storing it in a cool, dry, and dark place can go a long way.