Bumped is a free app that enables you to earn fractional shares of stock supported by your purchases. It works sort of like a cashback app like Dosh or Drop. However, rather than acquiring points or cashback, you will get free stocks for signing up.

After you produce your Bumped account, you will link it to your Mastercard. Once you build purchases with a connected card at taking websites and part stores, you will earn free stock. You can select the stocks or funds that you wish to receive as rewards.

Bumped takes a few minutes to set up, then you will be earning stock for your purchase. Better of all, you can use it in combination with rewards credit cards and different cashback apps. Thus, you will stack the rewards. Get more Interesting details about how to get free stocks on mklibrary.com.

Can I get free stocks for signing up for Bumped?

You get free stocks for signing up. Once you create your account and link your credit cards, you will select your loyalties in every class. Sit back and earn fractional shares from your acquisitions.

What is my earning potential in Bumped?

Your earning potential with the Bumped app depends on two main factors. One is if you shop at affiliated shops. The second is how frequently you purchase from those brands.

For example, when you build an acquisition at an eligible brand with a connected card, you receive a proportion of paying within the form of stock.

These rewards measure between 1%-5%, though most stocks tend to lean towards the lower ends of the odds.

Let us assume that you pay $200 per month on brands like Starbucks. Also, we use a lower average of two percent as our reward. With this model, you would earn $4 in stocks for the month.